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How to book:
For timetable and bookings, please click on 'book a class' Simply register your email address to see the full schedule and to get yourself booked in!! Bookings can be made 6 days in advance. PLEASE make sure you cancel yourself off a class if you are unable to attend ** If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist and if someone cancels you will receive an email offering you a spot. We have a pay-as-you-go option, £5 cash at the classes Or £35 per month Studio Membership, this includes all your classes and Direct Debits are set up via the booking page.

** Please note: we operate a 2 hour cancellation policy. This means if you cancel off your class within 2 hours before the class starts, we will require the £5 class fee. This also applies to class ‘no shows.’

Any questions or problems, please give us a shout!

Class Descriptions

Ultimate Spin
What is it? A sweaty, high-octane indoor cycling class that'll push you to the limit in pursuit of those steely thighs and sculpted bum. The standing sections are great for your abdominals too. If you want a low-impact, high-intensity workout to burn fat and get you those lean legs you always wanted, spinning could be the class for you.
Who can do it? Spinning is hard work, but by the end of the first class you'll already be able to feel your lower body tightening up. With your own individual resistance dial, you are totally in control of how hard you work. Suitable for first time exercisers, let your instructor know it's your first time and they'll be sure to look after you.

StudioBelle Bootcamp
What is it? Mixture of Circuits/ groups style Training where we focus on a full body workout, switching exercise type, tempos and work/rest ratio to keep your body guessing and never hitting a plateau, plenty of fun and fitness for all!
Who can do it? Absolute beginners right through to the super-fit

What is it? Dance and Aerobics combined, Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo.
Who can do it? With 14 million people taking part in Zumba classes across the world every week, it looks like just about anyone! 

Spin & Lift
What is it?Fast and tough blitz on the bike followed by kettlebells
Who can do it? Spinners looking to add some more muscle definition

Bars & Belles What is it? Using BarBelles, set your own weight so go light if your new and go heavy as you start to get stronger. Full body workout that's suitable for all.
SB Running Club
What is it? Improve you fitness & stamina, train for an event or just have fun with some new friends. Our SB Running Clubs are run by a highly experienced run leader, among other things you will taught effective breathing technique to maximise your fitness.
Mirandas Ethos:
We all mobilize and warm up together
We all look after each other
No one ever runs alone
We stay as a group
We all encourage each other
We all have fun together
We all have a really good stretch afterwards
No one is permitted to run wearing headphones
Who can do it?Anybody! Beginners welcome

Rock Sculpt
What is it? All over body workout in time with music. Using bars, dumbells and body weight we work every muscle group to create a beautifully sculpted body.
Who can do it? This low weight, high repetition class uses lots of tempo work and comes with beginner options throughout so you can build up strength at your own pace. Go heavier on the weights and you will see amazing changes to your body! Suitable for first time exercisers.
Yoga Zen What is it? Hatha Yoga with Ro. A dreamy hour of chilled stretching, classic poses and relaxation. Who can do it? Great for beginners right to more experienced Yogis, but also perfect for anyone just in need of some Zen time and mind & body healing.
Yoga Flow What is it? Dynamic flowing Hatha Yoga with Christian. Who can do it? Suitable for beginners looking to physically challenge themselves through to advanced Yogis.

Spin & Tone
What is it? Half an hour blitz on the spin bikes to your favourite tracks followed by a half hour varied body conditioning workout.
Who can do it? If you are a self confessed Spin addict who wants to try out some new moves, then this class is perfect for you. Suitable for first time exercisers.

Step It Up
What is it? Absolute classic.This is a high energy calorie burner where you perform a range of aerobic moves using step platforms, great music and routines!
Who can do it? Suitable for everyone. Step height can be adjusted to make the workout easier for beginners.

All of our classes are suitable for absolute beginners right through to the already super fit and super strong. You will always be fully warmed up at the start of each class and we finish with a good stretch to keep your muscles happy and injury free :)
When you first arrive at StudioBelle, we will ask you to fill in a Health Questionnaire (PAR-Q). Please let your instructor know at the beginning of each class if you have any injuries or health problems.